Fun, fast, flirty reading … with a message

What kind of friend are you? Are you a thong, always up someone’s ass, or are you a push up bra, giving your friend that extra boost when needed?

Some friends are like a thong.  Always up your ass.

Some friends are like a push up bra.  You don’t need them everyday but they are there to give you a little lift when you need it.

Some friends are like a watch.  Every five seconds they give you an update on their life via Facebook, but other than that things never get too personal.

Some friends are like stilettos.  They are fun to wear for awhile, but after awhile your feet are covered in blisters.  And they keep running … keep partying in their three inch heels, while you are hung over and covered in band aids for an entire week.  Stiletto friends are hard to keep up with.

Some friends are an old worn in pair of tennis shoes.  They’ll walk with you when times are slow or run with you when times are fast.  They are comfortable … even more comfortable than your own bare feet.  And these friends can be worn anytime and are there to comfort you through anything.

Some friends are like a scarf.   They are nice in some weather, but sometimes they feel like they’re suffocating you.

Some friends are like granny panties.  They cover your ass when you need them.  Not just part of your ass – they cover your entire ass!  These friends are the best.

Please tell me if you have an example that I’ve left out? turtleneck? jock strap?


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